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Flarum v0.1.0-beta.7 est disponible

Neuf mois après la Beta 6, Flarum v0.1.0-beta.7 est disponible aujourd'hui. Une version qui corrige principalement les quelques erreurs et bugs rencontrés ci et là. Une version stable n'est plus très loin.

What's new?

There's nothing too exciting to talk about here, but we hope you enjoy these changes nonetheless:

  • "Remember Me" is now shown as a checkbox on the login form. Previously it was done automatically and users didn't have a choice.
  • Admins can now manually activate users (Controls → Edit) in case something goes wrong with their activation email. Thanks @renyuneyun!
  • Flarum now requires PHP 5.6+ (as opposed to PHP 5.5.9+ in earlier versions). Please check your PHP version before upgrading.
  • Some little things:
    • Fixed Zend Stratigility 1.3 deprecation error
    • Upgrade to jQuery 3.0
    • Search API for users by group: /api/users?filter[q]=group:admin,mod (thanks to @liji)
    • Use a custom UI for renaming discussions rather than a native browser prompt (thanks to @datitisev)
    • Prevent the last enabled language from being disabled (thanks to @davis)
    • Images and links are inserted with Markdown syntax when quoting a post (thanks to @clarkwinkelmann)

See the full release notes for more details.

Updating from Beta 6

  • Check your PHP version with php -v - it must be 5.6.0 or higher to upgrade to Beta 7!
  • Disable 3rd party extensions prior to upgrading.
  • Run the following command at the root of your Flarum installation: composer update
  • Navigate to, enter your database password, and sit tight!
  • Run the command php flarum cache:clear (or manually delete .js and .css files in the assets directory).

If you run into trouble, please start a new discussion in the Support tag and we'll do our best to help you!

What took so long?

Things have admittedly been a little slow since the release of Beta 6 in October last year. Flarum is an open-source project, and at this stage meaningful progress is mostly reliant on the time that @Toby, @Franz and @sijad can put in — which has been limited given their full-time commitments to work and school. We're really thankful for those of you who have contributed in the meantime, and for everyone's patience.

We're working hard on a revised roadmap to get things moving along at a faster pace. Stay tuned for more details about this soon! Thank you!

Thanks to all of the contributors for this release: dav-is, datitisev, Luceos, dcsjapan, kirkbushell, Albert221, JoshyPHP, petermein, nielstholenaar, milescellar, zcodes, bogdanteodoru, ahsanity, Zeokat, CDK2020, tpokorra, ssfinney, clarkwinkelmann, janga1997, renyuneyun, oanhnn, liji, krnch, fernsheldon, Ximich, augiwan, poush, bmalex88, opi, binaryoung, wiwatsrt, StoneSoldier, dshoreman, thomaskuntzz, Strobotti, J2TeaM and anyone else who we've missed!

Thank you to the Flarum staff (@Franz, @jordanjay29, @Luceos, @Kulga, @digital, @Arkinn) who have been managing and supporting the community as development continues.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing support, donations, patience, and enthusiasm :)