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Flarum v0.1.0-beta.4 est disponible

Une mise à jour de Flarum avec quelques corrections de bugs. Plus particulièrement des bugs critiques introduits dans la beta 3 où les tags n'étaient pas éditables et les traductions n'étaient pas affichées.

With the new Composer architecture in place, from now on we'll be doing more frequent releases every couple of weeks or so. Also note that the bundled extensions are versioned separately now, so their version numbers may not sync up with the core. In this instance, for example, only a few of the extensions have updates available.

Updating from Beta 3

Run the following command at the root of your Flarum installation:

composer update

Updating from Beta 2

Follow the upgrade procedure outlined toward the end of this post:

Thanks to Composer, this procedure will take you directly to Beta 4. ;)



  • Add an icon/label to the back button to indicate where it leads
  • Add "Loading..." text while the JavaScript payload is loading
  • Flags: Show a success message after submitting a flag
  • Flags: Expand reason descriptions and add a configurable link to community guidelines
  • Subscriptions: Add a tooltip to the Follow button


  • Fix some admin actions resulting in "You do not have permission to do that"
  • Fix translation keys persisting after enabling an initial language pack
  • Fix translation => references not being parsed in some cases

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